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About Arash
Arash (¬rash) is a beautiful persian first name.

The word Arash means: Derakhshandeh, Derakhsh‚n. In english it means: Bright, Brilliant, Shining, Luminous.
"¬rash e Kam‚ngÓr" (Arash the Archer) was the name of an Iranian national hero who sacrificed his life to preserve the territorial integrity of Iran.

Arash Kamangir ¬rash e Kam‚ngÓr (Arash the Archer) story:
At the end of war between Iran and Turan, Turan has advanced to near Dam‚vand mountain area. Turan wanted to destroy the Iranians' spirit, so they ordered Iranian to shoot an arrow towards Turan. Wherever the arrow lands, that would be the new border between the two countries. An Iranian super hero, Arash by name, volunteered to shoot the arrow. The location: peak of the Dam‚vand (Iran's highest mountain, 30 kilometer northeast of Tehr‚n, the Ir‚nian capital; height 5671 meter). On the bright morning of TÓrg‚n, Arash stripped naked, faced north, strained his bow as never before, let the arrow fly and exhausted, turned into energy and ride with the arrow. The arrow flew the entire morning and fell at noon -- 2250 kilometer on the bank of the Oxus River in what is now Central Asia. And the river remained the boundary between Iran and Turan for centuries until Mongoloid hordes poured in to push the Iranians southward in the 10th century A.D.
Arash body was never Found. There are still stories from travelers who were lost in the mountain, that how they heard Arash Kamangir voice. And the voice helped them find the road and saved their lives.

TÓrg‚n (Tirgan), the summer solstice celebrated the life of ¬rash e Kam‚ngÓr (not sure if this is true).

"¬rash e Kam‚ngÓr" poem by Siavash Kasraie

Rostam: another Iranian super hero.

Arash Farboud Sport Car Designer

Arash Sobhani popular singer in California
Arash Labaf popular singer in Sweden

 Arash Kouchesfehani song writer and singer as well as writing about frotune telling subjects.

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