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History of Iran > War with ChangÓzkh‚n e Moghol (Gengiskhan from Mongolia)
1253 - 1290 A.D.
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Moghol businessmen were killed at Otr‚r by order of Gh‚yerkh‚n (ruled the city) on the charge of spy.

ChangÓz and khalife e Baghdad become alies, and Khalife motivated ChangÓz to attack Iran.
Solt‚n Mohammad were affraid of Moghols.

ChangÓzkh‚n was in war with Jal‚ledÓn son of Solt‚n Mohammad for 10 years.
Moghols came even to border of Ar‚gh (Iraq).

Moghols just killed everyone and burned every thing during this time for revenge rather than expanding their territories.
Important events
  • Sûfi poet Jalâl al-Dîn Rûmî (1207-1273 A.D.)
  • Death of the poet and moralist Sa'dî (1213-1291 A.D.)
  • Marco Polo journeyed through Persia on his way to China (1271 A.D.)

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