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History of Iran > Hakhāmaneshī (Achamenides)
549 - 330 B.C.
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The Achamenides were one of the Persian tribes. The Persians were also one of the Aryan tribes.
From the Assyrian inscriptions it is clear that the Parsua were subordinates to them, from the time if Shalmaneser (731-713 B.C.) to the rule of Asarhaddon (662 B.C.). Herodotus, the Greek historian, wrote about the lineage of the Achaemenians. He believed the Parsua were Persians, who were divided into six tribes who lived in villages and cities, and four tribes who lived in tents.
Important events
  • Death of Kûrosh e Bozorg (Cyrus the Great) in 530 B.C.
  • Battle of Thermopylae 480 B.C.
  • Hakhāmaneshī (Achamenides) Tribe:
    Founded by Hakhamanesh (Achaemenes) in 749 B.C.
    Chīshpīsh I (Teispes I)
    Kambūzyeh I (Cambyses I)
    Kūrosh I (Cyrus I)
    Chīshpīsh II (Teispes II)
    Divided into two branches:
    One ancester of Kūrosh (Cyrus) the great
    the other ancestor of Dāryūsh I (Darius I)
    Hakhāmaneshī (Achamenides) dynasty
    Capital Perspolis (Perspolis)
    Kūrosh (Cyrus) (550 - 529 B.C.)
    Kambūzyeh (Cambyses) (530 - 522 B.C.)
    Daryūsh I (Darius I) (522 - 486 B.C.)
    Khashāyār I (Xerxes I) (485 - 465 B.C.)
    Ardeshīr I (Artaxerxes I) (465 - 424 B.C.)
    Khashāyār II (Xerxes II) (423 B.C.)
    Daryūsh II (Darius II) (423 - 404 B.C.)
    Ardeshīr II (Artaxerxes II) (404 - 359 B.C.)
    Ardeshīr III (Artaxerxes III) (359 - 338 B.C.)
    Arshāk (Arshak) (338 - 336 B.C.)
    Daryūsh III (Darius III) (336 - 330 B.C.)

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